Armonia fitness


Being fit and healthy is now an essential part of my life

I started to train with Laura because I wanted to be at the best shape of my life for a bikini photo shoot. Laura tailored a specific training and nutritional plan for me to achieve my goal. She taught me to enjoy working out (TRX is her specialty), to eat healthy food, and the importance of balance and respect for my body. The plan she made was realistic and sustainable in the long term. Being fit and healthy is now an essential part of my life, not because I need to do a photo shoot, but because it makes me feel good and happy. Thank you Laura!

Cledia Morais Mastel

A very healthy and mindful approach to fitness

I trained with Laura for over a year when she lived in London, and I have to say she completely changed my outlook on fitness and well-being. I wanted to train as I just got engaged and wanted to look my best for the big day. It has been over 3 years ago now, and I am still training (sadly not with her anymore as she left the UK) regularly every week.  Fitness is now a big part of who I am. She has a great approach and, most importantly, she has a very healthy and mindful approach to fitness. It is about being well and feeling well, as opposed to chasing an idea/dream, which makes it achievable and enjoyable. I would still train with her if she was still around and couldn't recommend her enough!
Noemie Cholmeley

Feeling good and feeling beautiful for the way I am

I met Laura in 2011.  After explaining my weight and self esteem issue, we started to train together twice a week. She also helped me to have a better lifestyle by improving my nutrition and stress management. Laura focused on strengthening my core and leg muscles and making sure that my body was constantly challenged with a proper periodization. I saw results within the first month. I trusted Laura so much that I introduced her to other friends that wanted to improve their health and fitness levels, and they became her clients too. She changed the way I looked but also my attitude towards feeling good and feeling beautiful for the way I am. I would recommend Laura as a personal trainer because I know she can adapt and help anyone according to their individual needs with her professionalism and passion.
Marica Baldo

Exercise became an important part of my life

I wanted to lose weight and feel better in my body, so a friend recommended that I train with Laura. I immediately loved her professionalism, knowledge, and positive energy. Exercise became an important part of my life, and Laura's constant, enthusiastic support was essential for me. She helped me to achieve my fitness goals, to have a healthier lifestyle, and to improve my self confidence. I live in Italy now so unfortunately I cannot train with Laura anymore. I definitely recommend her as a trainer, she is the best!

Chiara Cillepi

I was happy with the change in my physical appearance

Laura was a fantastic trainer for me. Her sessions were always fun and I was so impressed by her knowledge and the variety of different exercises. She always tailored the sessions to suit my needs (I had several previous injuries). I got to know Laura well, and I know that she really cares about her clients. Training with her improved my fitness and I was happy with the change in my physical appearance. I would certainly recommend training with her.

Seamus MacGibbon

It totally changed my shape as well as my enthusiasm for training

Laura was such a great trainer! We trained together in London and it totally changed my shape as well as my enthusiasm for training. The wonderful thing about Laura is she tailors each session specifically to you and your needs at the time, so it is always effective and never boring, especially as she has a lovely sense of humour too. She kindly agreed to take my daughters for swimming lessons as well, which they loved! Come back to London, Laura!
Jeska Harrington Gould

Working out with the TRX and feeling much fitter and stronger

When I started working out with Laura, I could barely do a side plank. Within a few months she had me running up and down hills, working out with the TRX and feeling much fitter and stronger. Laura is an inspirational trainer: she is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and she tailors the regime to each individual. Laura is really amazing and I am very grateful to her for getting me into shape!
Ashley Dartnell