Armonia fitness



Physical fitness should be a part of every child’s development, especially in today’s day and age where kids tend to be less active and usually prefer to play video games more than playing outside.

Laura can plan a program for your child to develop general and specific physical abilities, depending on needs and goals. Sometimes kids don’t like organized sports; other times they are self-conscious playing sports or trying new activities; there are cases where the child may have health issues and parents prefer supervised exercise sessions. Or the child can simply express interest in personal training. In all of these scenarios, Armonia Fitness is the solution for you!

Laura is experienced in training kids, after years of working in schools, sports centers, and kids clubs with 1 to 1, small, and big groups sessions. Her philosophy is, “Learning by Playing,” so she always makes sure that kids develop skills and reach their goals, having fun and expressing themselves, through motivating games and activities!


Laura is a swim instructor and lifeguard with many years of experience in teaching kids of different ages (2+ years old) and levels (from beginner to advanced).

Swimming is such an important skill for life! This is especially true in Miami, where we live by the ocean and near pools everywhere. It’s safe and wise to have your kids comfortable and confident in the water.

It’s also a beautiful sport, and if you would like to read more about its health benefits, here is a link to a post where Laura talks about that.