Armonia fitness

Personal fitness plan

If all you need is a fitness plan to follow on your own, Laura can create one for you!

Laura offers this service to clients who don’t want or need a trainer by their side, but they still want to have a solid structure in their fitness regime. Establishing a fitness plan makes you accountable for following the daily program and building a lifelong habit. It also helps you avoid the risk of getting injured, losing motivation, and most importantly, not achieving results.

Laura offers more than just a “training” plan.

Laura’s fitness plan is designed with three main components in mind, which include regular exercise, good nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. In preparing your personal, comprehensive fitness plan, Laura will discuss your long- and short-term goals, test your fitness levels, and go through your food and lifestyle habits.

Think of Laura as your own personal, electronic trainer!

You will need to keep track of your progress and send your data to Laura for feedback and advice. She will always be available and happy to talk about your fitness plan and your needs, until the next in-person session where you meet with her to check your progress and chart the next steps to living an ArmoniaFit life.

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