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Group Training

Group training with Laura

Laura also offers the possibility to train in small groups. Although one-on-one sessions are the best to achieve awesome results, sometimes they are not affordable. In a large fitness class, it is difficult to get the individualized attention you need to achieve your personal goals. Small group sessions are a happy medium that allow you to connect with Laura on a personal level and at an affordable budget.

Additionally, being part of a group fosters CAMARADERIE; it gives you a lot of MOTIVATION and brings out your competitive spirit, helping you to push a little harder and move a bit faster! In a group, you ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT each other to achieve your goals, while still having FUN together.

Because of all these positive aspects, small group training helps you develop a sense of ACCOUNTABILITY, ADHERENCE, and consequentially RESULTS!

The importance of being in a small group is the added benefit of INDIVIDUALIZED attention from Laura, with a PERSONALIZED fitness plan, tailored to meet your individual GOALS.

Small group training is a win-win solution!

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