Armonia fitness

Armonia Fitness

What does Armonia Fitness mean? What is Armonia Fitness’ message?

Armonia in Italian means, “harmony,” and the message of Laura’s company is, “move your body, find your harmony.”


That’s because she believes that to be able to achieve a fitness goal such as losing weight, dropping a size, increasing muscle mass, improving performance, or any kind of fitness goal, we cannot separate our body from our mind and soul. Accordingly, we should seek harmony among the different parts of our person.

Laura achieves this by learning about her clients’ personal lives and any obstacles that may have prevented long-term fitness success in the past. She then custom tailors workout plans that fit each person’s goals and needs.

Laura primarily focuses on women because during her years of experience as a personal trainer she realized that women are the hardest on themselves. Women are usually unhappy about their body or hate a part of their body, and they feel the need to be “fixed.” Women chase the dream of the perfect body and believe that this will make them happy.

At Armonia Fitness, we believe that the real happiness comes from self love, self acceptance, and self respect. We don’t need to be perfect; the imperfections and the flaws that we all have make us special and unique. At Armonia Fitness, we don’t exercise, move, and eat healthy because we hate our body. Instead, we do it because we love our bodies and want to take care and look after it in a harmonious way.

Laura wants to make this message the mission of Armonia Fitness because life is short and precious and we shouldn’t waste our time fighting against our body. We should consciously and mindfully embrace it for the way it is, right now, and help it to glow!